Surprise Surprise…!

Now here is a hard candy to swellow! I got 700+ Page views over the weekend. So the total counter crosses 2000.

It all happened due to one of my old blog entry which is posted here. This entry is about the last chapter of the Harry Potter series. It is a fanfic though but I am recieving good feedbacks. Many people suggested me to take my writing skills seriously. I am thinking on it!

My weekend was good. Again I visited Pune. This time I purchased a new mobile phone (Nokia 6030). I have to purchase a sim card yet!

Today is a big day for many reasons.

1. My Dad is getting retired today after 42 years of Govt. Service.
2. Aarti is going to deposite her BE fees today and will get all the details about her college.
3. Today is Jagdeesh’s birthday. Though I haven’t wished him till now but I’ll call him.

It is not easy to commute from Mahalaxmi to Andheri to my office in MIDC, but I am managing somehow! Things are good. I went a bit nostalgic last night and was up till 3 in the morning with Nikhil.

I think I’ll be able to finish 30 more issues which are in my box till this weekend. Otherwise there will be no Rakhi Vacations for me.

PS: And how could I forget, today is Harry Potter’s Birthday too!

Happy Birthday Harry and Jagdish and Jo!


The Eiffel Tower at midnight

Here is a bit of surprise for you. Here I am trying to switch from Blog to Vlog. Here is my first video blog entry says something about it.

Actually the thing which surprised me most was the glittering of the tower which I have never heared of. No one ever mentioned this about the lighting effects does includes this glitter in it. The tower glitters like this with thousands of flash lights at 10 PM, 11 PM and 12 PM every night for 10 mins. Here is a taste of the same for you all.

July 27, 2006

Something idiotic happens when you feel everything is going to be fine. I am still in between to decide about the housing problem. A stomach bug has striken again with a 15 return trips to the loo since last night.

Ah… it is a tough life… LOL!

I mean now situations are so worse that they are now ready to be produced as black comedy.

Now, here is a good news. Aarti got admission in B.E. – IT at Borawan. The institute is good and she has a bright future ahead. Hope my little sis will be able to handle the responsibility well. I am too happy about this but am unable to have a long chat with her on phone due to my way too tight schedule here.

I am shifting to Nikhil’s place today and will be there till I get something as paying guest nearby my office. I will be dead by the time I’ll reach Mahalaxmi, where Nikhil lives.

By the way, it is the same area with Munnabhai’s Dhobi Ghaat and Bluffmaster’s big building which resides Abhishek Bachhan in the movie.

Ah… Why I cannot get a good place to live here?

House Hunt… Mouse Hunt

Now here is a day of house hunt in the city of Mumbai. It just looks easy when you are out there to make a mark but it literally shakes you off. I mean it is not that tough. You have a cell number, just make a call and the broker will show you some houses around on your fixed appointment. Given, you are ready to spend some big bucks.

Problem comes when you look at the creepy places.

I would have lived like kings in the amount I am going to spend as paying guest at some really noisy and clumsy house claiming to be comfortable.

The photo posted with this entry is of the hotel room in Stockholm, which was my home for all my stay in Sweden. It is so irrelevant now to talk about those standard European comforts in the second largest populated city of the world.

Am I becoming too nosey about things around? I think somehow because of the taste of blood, which I had in Stockholm and something is related to this city. In Pune, I would have rented an apartment in the amount I am giving here for paying guest.

Not a perfect day!

More troubles!

That is just what I wanted now!!!

I keep on trying to avoid any more mess with the current scene of my life but it seems I can never have enough of these. This morning, when I reached office, we all got this mail from our project manager saying we should be in here half an hour early. (Now this is a 10 hrs. job)

Then an issue related to some code change in JSP! (I don’t understand these guys! I AM A DESIGNER FOR GOD’S SAKE.)

Then a call from Precy, the HR manager who looks after the guesthouse accomodation for the company. She asked me to leave the guesthouse ASAP since my bed is alloted to someone else.

Now! I am having no time to go and find a place to live. Office hours are so tight that I cannot manage after or before office timings. I cannot be late as my project manager will never allow me to do so.

Precy was really shouting at me as I have done something really heartbreaking for her and I was begging for appoligy for my deeds. I mean these people are really trying to scare me away!

Okey… now the count says “8 weeks and 3 days to go”.

I’ll manage.

For Monalisa.

Here is something that I have written around two years ago in respect of the lady whose smile is still a mystry.


Now after I met her in person, it must say, this comes under my finest works with pen (or keyboard) till date.

Here it goes…

In the land of joy and pleasures
Lives a beautiful fairy

A smile which melts hearts
The feeling is hard to carry

The gods are so sad
since she is gone

Are you the one…


All these centuries i’ve waited
to just see you for my soul’s sake

Now i feel the magic on the skies
Its hard to go back.

The life is playing a game
how long will it go on

Are you the one…


In the sunshine and in the moonlight
A whisper in my mind

Just I wish to see you
No matter if I go blind

The kings will give up all the empire
for your sight they’ve won

Are you the one…


1 down 9 to go…!

I was in Pune for the weekend as it was long since I met my friends. It was a good weekend but my frustrations never left me and I kept rattling about the working conditions in which I am thrown into now. I felt I complaint something about the weather and the roads too… lol! It was funny!

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead man’s chest in Apollo with Gaurav and Amit. I met Sameer too while returning his bag, which I used as a check-in baggage while in Europe.

I am back in the office with the feeling of ‘9 more weeks to go’ before I will be out of this mess. I think I have to slow down and stop thinking about this mess because I sure cannot do anything about this. Time is the only healer that can protect from more injuries.

Gaurav was agreed with me on my problem and the solution that I am suggesting. I think if the profile here is messing with my work profile and my experience, there is no way I can carry this burden on my shoulders for long.

On the other hand, Nilesh told me that he is with me on Dot Com issues just for one week and will return to content team after that. I am sure will be in trouble after this. Backlog will go higher and there will be no solution whatsoever for these issues. I am not sure if Ulhas, my project manager knows anything about these small arrangements done by Ashish.

All the things are in big soup. I think I should just wait and watch.

What say buddies?

Commitments and Eiffel Tower

First thing first:

Before I start something crap here, I want to announce that my page views crossed 1500 yesterday. I mean I got more than 700 views of my blog in one month! Thanks to all my friends and good wishers who want to know my new lunatic views about life!


If my old friends can remember, I always said I know there is a toilet at the top of the Eiffel Tower and I’ll use that some day!

I did it!

No really! This was a commitment that I made to my self when I read something like that many years back in a teenagers magazine called ‘Nanhe Samrat’.

It was something that I almost forgot when I reached that monster architecture. The first thing that I said to my self was, is this the thing for which I was walking for last 3 hours and longing to touch since I saw it’s photograph? And second thing that struck my mind was, why on earth they made it?

And third thing was, this is a masterpiece. This is really wonderful. How they created this?

Finally… This is what I’ll remember all my life.

Here is the reason…!

All of you must be aware of the poll I posted Here sometime ago asking if I should go to Paris or not.

I did what was just the opposite of the results. I mean I headed my way to Paris and returned India with a mare Rs. 2000/- in my pocket.

Look at this now… I am back in Mumbai and life seems so heavy that now my trip to Sanawad for Rakhi is in big soup. I am not able to visit my home for atleast for the other 4 weeks. After that when I go home it is going to be maximum one week. One week after Six months. I mean this is life. I have not been to Delhi yet! I don’t have time to visit the Tajmahal! I cannot even plan for Vaishodevi or Dwarikaji because I have to be at work OR at my parent’s place at least for week and that too for some festivals like Rakhi or Diwali.

I always said live for the moment. I did. I lived every moment I had under the European summer sky. Stockholm acted as a hometown for me. I was very comfortable there. Now I am back to the city that was really strange for me since long. But I think this city will also hug me sooner or later.

Now justify this, what if I never get a chance to visit Europe again or what if I died in another bomb in the local train? There will be no tomorrow then.

December 2005 taught me something that will go with me till my ashes.

Live every moment of your life.

Live for today!

Live life friends… don’t just pass the time.

July 19, 2006

Now it has been 4 days since my return and office work is looking like mount Everest. My PM has asked me to devote extra hours to reduce the amount of work. Office timings are already shifted to the timings of Stockholm office and we have to work from 11:30 to 8:30.

After 2 months when the Swedish timings will shift from Day light savings in winters the timings of India office will shift from 12:30 to 9:30. I even cannot find a house in these kind of conditions.

All the mails and connections sites are blocked. Even Orkut is blocked.

I think this is the mentality of Indian managers who do not understand the importance of a social life for workers. Time is already short. Friends and families are far away. The only way of communication is internet and that too is snatched by their idiotic policies.

I was having a good life in Stockholm. Timings were not a paroblem, I cooked at home so having a perfect home made food rather than the food cooked in very dirty kitchens of some road side restaurant since no good eatery around.

My PM says there will be no vacations for me on the Rakhi festval since I am the only one who knows the job which I am assigned to. I am totally stressed out of this work and if I am unable to see my friends and family how will I survive?

They said life will be easier when we will reach India, but it is a disaster for me coming back here.

Two of the people here just manupulated my mails and forwarded with some different comments and I got a good 2 page email from Stockholm!


As soon as the agreement goes over, I will be out of here. I need some space to breath. It has been almost 6 months for me to visit my home properly. I was there for just one day in between and these people called me here.

This is not about what I do here, thats another issue that the work I am handeling here is completely out of my profile and totally idiotic. You have responsibility but no rights.

You have to answer but no one is listening.

I’ll be out of here in a couple of months.