Need Help!

I am not sure about whether to go to Paris or not! I am so confused about it.

I am having exact money to go to Paris and survive here in Stockholm and return to India. I’ll be having no savings when I’ll return.

The other way if I do not go to Paris, I’ll have around Rs.20, 000/- as savings.

This is like a one time opportunity and Paris seems too achievable from here. But I think I’ll be requiring some money when I’ll return to India too. Plus, I also need to do some shopping like some chocolates or some things for family. If I go to Paris, this won’t be possible.

I cannot decide friends. Tell me what to do?

Suggestions please.


One thought on “Need Help!

  1. Dushyant, why do u think that this is one time opportunity and Paris seems unachievable to u from India after your return? Save money coz to enjoy something like this you need money and without money u cannot enjoy it. Have some gifts and money when u will reach to ur near and dears…these kinds of trips will come again..njoy

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