Weekend no:3

So here it goes!

Weekend no.3 at Stockholm started on a low key. Me and Kaushal went to Aquarium, which was a good experiance as I have never seen the sea wild life at that close. There were sharks and other fishes and water animals, which were facinating.

Apart from that, we went to Gamala Stan’s main gate, City hall and royal place before going to the beach here.

The places were fabulous but the thrill was minus. Finally it was a good dayout as we know the city very well now.

Today, I woke up at 10 and was out at 12 with Kaushal and Abhijit. We went to the Vasa Museum, where they restored a ship which was sank around 300 years ago on it’s maidan voyage. They got it back from the deep of the ocean and restored it as a museum. It was good.

From there me and Kaushal went to this Tekniska Museum, which was the coolest museum I have ever seen. It was a complete history story of Cars, Bikes, Trains, Ships and Airplanes.

I saw cars as old as 200 years and more. I saw cars made in 1880s.

There was a section of robotics where they places many interactive robots and simulators. A full fledged TV studio was also there and I had some hands on the TV camera as well.

Some beautiful things that I seen there cannot be explained here. It was an experiance.

The most beautiful of all was the Race Car Exibition which was going on at one floor of the museum. It was so thrilling to see the fastest car of the world which broke the sound barrier and I saw it live after watching the while series of that record on the Discovery Channel.

I am so glad.

Weekend was not so happening but I had a good time.

Tommorrow is a new day and a new week.
Good night friends.



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