7 – The number is seven.

7 blasts.
200+ dead innocent people.

All were returning to their homes after a day of work. So many kids were left waiting for their father to return. The food was already on the tables for the dear husbands to come and have a meal which was cooked with love by their wives

The thing that I don’t understand is what will Pakistan gain after all the terrorist activities? Why on earth they don’t understand that killing innocent people is not a solution to any problem, which is probed between the two nations around 60 years back.

The Mumbai Train Serial Blasts are not just a date or the number of casualties. I may be one of those who were traveling on the trains today. The trains, which were targeted, were the same in which I used to roam around just 4 weeks back.

It is not just a problem with Mumbai or India. May I ask general Parvez Musharraf that the so-called freedom fighters who just intruded in Kargil a few years back, were they just another Jehadis who wanted to win Kashmir for Pakistan? India got all the Identity Cards and other documents from the dead Jehadis that clearly embarked them as military officers of Pakistan army. If a country like Pakistan can deny the bodies of their own soldiers who died fighting for something for their nation or more to, as they believe, for Allah, the country in every sense cannot be trusted.

What America thinks is completely wrong. Pakistan is not some normal nation, which can be added to the buddy list. When the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpai visited Pakistan by bus, the Pakistani Army was preparing the roadmap to Shrinagar via Kargil.

Pakistan has ally with the US just because the poor nation, which sold all the aid it got for the quack relief, needs more money to support it’s terrorist activities. Why on earth many small kids and teenagers are getting training in the Jihad camps while they can study economy and technology to support their nation.

India in this sense more aggressive and aware for this development that’s the reason the education is the prime concern in every persons mind. This is the secret of the India’s growing GDP.

Mr. Musharraf! Are you listening?

I know you are not. I know it’s just a pile of garbage I am writing here. It is not going to help anyways to anyone. But please wake up. Just live and let live.



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