My earliest childhood memory is…

Hmm… Let me see…

I was around 2 years old and was living in the downtown Sanawad. I made my parents stood outside a TV showroom and squeezed my self in to watch a box with moving pictures. I did this daily. Televisions were pretty new to India in 1984-85.

 I used to go to watch the Train at railway station near our house. Steam engines were in practice those days. Big- Black-Smokey monster. I used to close my ears while running from the horn and noise.

When I started going to school at 3-4, I used to go there by Horse Wagon. Govind Bhaiya was the owner of that and we around 10 kids just fit into his small wagon to go to the school. In fact this was the main charm those days for going to school!

What is your earliest childhood memory?


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