July 16, 2006 – Back to India

Now, this is a one big funny thing.

I reached Mumbai on Saturday night and since then trying to figure out how to get rid of this jet lag. I was completely awake last night and tonight when I thought that I am too tired and cannot remain up, I went to bed at 9:30 and now at 1:40 I am writing this. Mosquitoes destroyed my dreams of a perfect nightlong sleep. I mean this is insane. It is so ridiculously hilarious. How will I go to office tomorrow if I cannot sleep?

So here are my trip details to kill the time till I get tired and then I’ll try to sleep.

On Friday, when I was leaving office in Stockholm, I was feeling so bad. It was so unhappy moment for me when I said my goodbye to Paul and Dominic. I am sure I am never going to see those guys again. Yes, we will chat and will interact online but will never meet. I’m never going to see those people again.

Okay, I was getting a bit sentimental at that time but on the other hand, the return trip was like, last time the Tube elevators, the card swapping on the machines, the train from Raudhuset to Nacrosen. It was all getting over.

To tell you the truth, I was feeling almost the same emotions as I felt when I left Pune. I am not sad or something while leaving Stockholm. It was just like I lived there all the moments. It was just the right balance of not too more and not too less. I had 5 weeks and 3 weekends in the city, I roamed around the entire Stockholm in my capacity, I even revisited some places to make sure nothing is left in those territories.

After reaching the hotel from office I just finished my packing and had some food and went to bed at 8:30. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and in half an hour; I was on my way to the Arlanda Airport of the city of Stockhom with Subira and Kaushal.

Kaushal headed for his way to Paris from where he was supposed to take the connecting flight that was booked by the experts of our travel desk with only a 50 minutes gap. These people never been anywhere and thinks at CDG Airport, 50 minutes are enough to board the other plain. No news from him yet if he had boarded the flight or missed that one. Prior to him it was Ashish, while returning to India and Abhijit with Kaushal, while going to Stockholm, missed their flights on CDG.

I’ll post details on CDG on some other blog as I was also there while visiting Paris. For the city of Paris, CDG needs a special mention.

Subira and me reached Vienna with a struggle with the Check-in authorities, caused by some unknown reasons to me and we met with Jasjeet, Yogesh, Jogin and Mudassar there. It was good to see those guys again. Our return flight was long and there was a slight change of flying path as Israel was not the suitable way since the war is going on there. After crossing the Dead Sea, we flew over the Middle East and I saw some really cold and dry mountains from my window. We flew from Tehran and closed by Baghdad and Kabul.

It was 10:00 in the night when I saw the city of Mumbai from 3,000 feet. We landed at around 11:00 and came out of the airport at 11:30.

When I came out of the airport, I felt like I entered in a hot and humid movie theater. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Monsoon really did a good job to Mumbai. It is humid but not as the same as it was when I left for Europe.

Mosquitoes are still testing my blood and I am too worried about this, as I have to reach office in the morning.

I am going to bed and will try to get some sleep.

Good night friends.


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