Here is the reason…!

All of you must be aware of the poll I posted Here sometime ago asking if I should go to Paris or not.

I did what was just the opposite of the results. I mean I headed my way to Paris and returned India with a mare Rs. 2000/- in my pocket.

Look at this now… I am back in Mumbai and life seems so heavy that now my trip to Sanawad for Rakhi is in big soup. I am not able to visit my home for atleast for the other 4 weeks. After that when I go home it is going to be maximum one week. One week after Six months. I mean this is life. I have not been to Delhi yet! I don’t have time to visit the Tajmahal! I cannot even plan for Vaishodevi or Dwarikaji because I have to be at work OR at my parent’s place at least for week and that too for some festivals like Rakhi or Diwali.

I always said live for the moment. I did. I lived every moment I had under the European summer sky. Stockholm acted as a hometown for me. I was very comfortable there. Now I am back to the city that was really strange for me since long. But I think this city will also hug me sooner or later.

Now justify this, what if I never get a chance to visit Europe again or what if I died in another bomb in the local train? There will be no tomorrow then.

December 2005 taught me something that will go with me till my ashes.

Live every moment of your life.

Live for today!

Live life friends… don’t just pass the time.


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