Commitments and Eiffel Tower

First thing first:

Before I start something crap here, I want to announce that my page views crossed 1500 yesterday. I mean I got more than 700 views of my blog in one month! Thanks to all my friends and good wishers who want to know my new lunatic views about life!


If my old friends can remember, I always said I know there is a toilet at the top of the Eiffel Tower and I’ll use that some day!

I did it!

No really! This was a commitment that I made to my self when I read something like that many years back in a teenagers magazine called ‘Nanhe Samrat’.

It was something that I almost forgot when I reached that monster architecture. The first thing that I said to my self was, is this the thing for which I was walking for last 3 hours and longing to touch since I saw it’s photograph? And second thing that struck my mind was, why on earth they made it?

And third thing was, this is a masterpiece. This is really wonderful. How they created this?

Finally… This is what I’ll remember all my life.


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