1 down 9 to go…!

I was in Pune for the weekend as it was long since I met my friends. It was a good weekend but my frustrations never left me and I kept rattling about the working conditions in which I am thrown into now. I felt I complaint something about the weather and the roads too… lol! It was funny!

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead man’s chest in Apollo with Gaurav and Amit. I met Sameer too while returning his bag, which I used as a check-in baggage while in Europe.

I am back in the office with the feeling of ‘9 more weeks to go’ before I will be out of this mess. I think I have to slow down and stop thinking about this mess because I sure cannot do anything about this. Time is the only healer that can protect from more injuries.

Gaurav was agreed with me on my problem and the solution that I am suggesting. I think if the profile here is messing with my work profile and my experience, there is no way I can carry this burden on my shoulders for long.

On the other hand, Nilesh told me that he is with me on Dot Com issues just for one week and will return to content team after that. I am sure will be in trouble after this. Backlog will go higher and there will be no solution whatsoever for these issues. I am not sure if Ulhas, my project manager knows anything about these small arrangements done by Ashish.

All the things are in big soup. I think I should just wait and watch.

What say buddies?


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