Not a perfect day!

More troubles!

That is just what I wanted now!!!

I keep on trying to avoid any more mess with the current scene of my life but it seems I can never have enough of these. This morning, when I reached office, we all got this mail from our project manager saying we should be in here half an hour early. (Now this is a 10 hrs. job)

Then an issue related to some code change in JSP! (I don’t understand these guys! I AM A DESIGNER FOR GOD’S SAKE.)

Then a call from Precy, the HR manager who looks after the guesthouse accomodation for the company. She asked me to leave the guesthouse ASAP since my bed is alloted to someone else.

Now! I am having no time to go and find a place to live. Office hours are so tight that I cannot manage after or before office timings. I cannot be late as my project manager will never allow me to do so.

Precy was really shouting at me as I have done something really heartbreaking for her and I was begging for appoligy for my deeds. I mean these people are really trying to scare me away!

Okey… now the count says “8 weeks and 3 days to go”.

I’ll manage.


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