House Hunt… Mouse Hunt

Now here is a day of house hunt in the city of Mumbai. It just looks easy when you are out there to make a mark but it literally shakes you off. I mean it is not that tough. You have a cell number, just make a call and the broker will show you some houses around on your fixed appointment. Given, you are ready to spend some big bucks.

Problem comes when you look at the creepy places.

I would have lived like kings in the amount I am going to spend as paying guest at some really noisy and clumsy house claiming to be comfortable.

The photo posted with this entry is of the hotel room in Stockholm, which was my home for all my stay in Sweden. It is so irrelevant now to talk about those standard European comforts in the second largest populated city of the world.

Am I becoming too nosey about things around? I think somehow because of the taste of blood, which I had in Stockholm and something is related to this city. In Pune, I would have rented an apartment in the amount I am giving here for paying guest.


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