July 27, 2006

Something idiotic happens when you feel everything is going to be fine. I am still in between to decide about the housing problem. A stomach bug has striken again with a 15 return trips to the loo since last night.

Ah… it is a tough life… LOL!

I mean now situations are so worse that they are now ready to be produced as black comedy.

Now, here is a good news. Aarti got admission in B.E. – IT at Borawan. The institute is good and she has a bright future ahead. Hope my little sis will be able to handle the responsibility well. I am too happy about this but am unable to have a long chat with her on phone due to my way too tight schedule here.

I am shifting to Nikhil’s place today and will be there till I get something as paying guest nearby my office. I will be dead by the time I’ll reach Mahalaxmi, where Nikhil lives.

By the way, it is the same area with Munnabhai’s Dhobi Ghaat and Bluffmaster’s big building which resides Abhishek Bachhan in the movie.

Ah… Why I cannot get a good place to live here?


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