Surprise Surprise…!

Now here is a hard candy to swellow! I got 700+ Page views over the weekend. So the total counter crosses 2000.

It all happened due to one of my old blog entry which is posted here. This entry is about the last chapter of the Harry Potter series. It is a fanfic though but I am recieving good feedbacks. Many people suggested me to take my writing skills seriously. I am thinking on it!

My weekend was good. Again I visited Pune. This time I purchased a new mobile phone (Nokia 6030). I have to purchase a sim card yet!

Today is a big day for many reasons.

1. My Dad is getting retired today after 42 years of Govt. Service.
2. Aarti is going to deposite her BE fees today and will get all the details about her college.
3. Today is Jagdeesh’s birthday. Though I haven’t wished him till now but I’ll call him.

It is not easy to commute from Mahalaxmi to Andheri to my office in MIDC, but I am managing somehow! Things are good. I went a bit nostalgic last night and was up till 3 in the morning with Nikhil.

I think I’ll be able to finish 30 more issues which are in my box till this weekend. Otherwise there will be no Rakhi Vacations for me.

PS: And how could I forget, today is Harry Potter’s Birthday too!

Happy Birthday Harry and Jagdish and Jo!


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