Entry for August 31, 2006

Here is another pic of Ganesha form the temple of Dagru Sheth, Pune.

This seems that all the producers are trying to release their best films in the festival season. That is why all the best songs of the year are coming out everyday and this looks like a musical party going on this year in Bollywood.

The title song of Jaan-E-Mann:
Hum ko maloom hai, Ishq Masoom hai, Dil se ho jaati hain galtiyaan,…
(We know that love is innocent, this is just the heart, which does the mistakes, love is not for all.)

Bas Ek Pal:
Tere Bin (Without you)

Who Lamhe:
Kya muze pyaar hai (Am I in love?)

All the soundtrack of Don and Lage Raho Munnabhai.

It looks like a year which already seen Rang De Basanti, Fanna, Krrish, Phir HeraPheri, Golmaal and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana has many more reasons to cheer as Don, Jaan-E-Mann, Who Lamhe, Dhoom 2, Kabul Express, Lage Raho Munnabhai are going to be blockbusters for sure.

Wow! 2006 rocks and there will be dawn of a new showman.

Guess who?


Ganpati Bappa Morea

Oh! It has been 4 days since Lord Ganesha’s festival has begun and I haven’t mentioned him yet! How big of an idiot I am. Lord Ganesha must be remembered before staring any thing new. And in the times when he is here and everywhere is getting celebrated, in these 10 days, I forget to even mention his festival.

Okay! After Rakhi, comes Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha. After 10 days of that comes Anant Chaturdashi. In these 10 days idols of Ganesha placed in colonies and homes and after 10 days of worship the god is sent to there home by water i.e. everyone visits nearby river or seashore to bid good bye to him and with a promise of a visit again next year.

More Information about Ganesha is available here.

Oh my god! What a busy day I got here. This was the busiest among all days since last 2 months. Things are pretty cool and funny out here. Enjoying!

August 29, 2006

12:30 PM


Ulhas, my project manager is telling everyone that Dushyant is not performing well, so we asked him to step down and he has resigned from his position. This is ridiculous. I know he always wants to play safe but the truth is since my return from Stockholm, I was counting my days to quit this job. If the work profile is not matching this is harmful not just for me but for the company too. He needs to understand that we are really real people and he should not take us for granted.

I have not talked to him till now but Zavier has told me to do so. I am going to meet him today.

My reasons for resigning this position are simple.


  1. The job profile does not match with my skills that surely impacting the output.
  2. I have resigned my self from the job to do something that I really want to do.
  3. I can design an umbrella but cannot hold it for the customers i.e. I do not want to be in support but into design and development of websites and animations.
  4. It is one last chance for me to follow what my heart is yarning for years.
  5. So it is totally a decision based upon job dissatisfaction and a coming opportunity.


I hope Ulhas will understand what exactly is in the cupboard.

1:00 PM


I went to meet Ulhas and he said he has already ordered the handover for me so there will not be any problems regarding my reliving from the job. He just said the things are in process and nothing is there to discuss. So, this means all is going well. Now I have to prepare a handover document in detail. Ulhas says just concentrate on the issues and handover and we might have a meeting later today.

Am I crushed somewhere? It would be best to leave the things for now and just let the time go by in present scenario. I am in a mood to relax a bit.

By the way, last night I slept at 11 and wake up at 10 in the morning so it was a long night’s sleep. I am so glad that I got a good sleep. It is turning out to be a luxury to have a good sleep these days. In last two months it was the longest sleep that I got.

Moving Ahead

Before I say anything here, take an advice and book your tickets for the movie ‘Click’ at the nearest cinema hall. Whatever reviews you might have got but the fact is this movie is definitely a must watch. I think it was the funny way of learning the most important lesson of life. Please don’t miss it.

As I already promised that I am not going to tell lies here on 360, here is a secret for you all.

I cried watching the movie and still filling numb.

Ok enough of weekend sentimental drama.

I visited Pune after resigning from the job. I was not in any mood of listening anything from my boss on Friday, as this would have ruined my weekend. In Pune, there was an audition was organized by Amit for me to cast actors for the movie. There were around 20 people came for the auditions and more the less it was a good experience. (Rang De Basanti style!!)

Finally I got this guy called Vicky (other then Vicky bhai), who came for the audition and is doing acting course from some institute in Pune. BUT, for the rest of the cast I am totally decided upon the tested gang.

Atrey is so petrified that he hasn’t called me yet. He was my first choice for the lead as Mujju, after Amit Punjabi ditched me at the day of the trial shoot in May. I tried to contact him but he is telling stories ranging from an upset stomach to a client side visit to getting Chicken-Gunia.

I know he is bit conscious that he might prove as the biggest looser in the front of the camera and the film will get affected. Now how could I convince him that I do need that kind of expressions for the role that he owns in his eyes as I say action?

I do have time and option for the main lead but here comes the big catch. I need a lead female actress opposite Mujju.

Okay people! Here comes the story of how to make a movie or how Dushyant will make a movie! Problem number one was the actor and now the actress.

Here is an advertisement:

”Wanted a Female Actress, Girlish, 18-20, for one day of shooting in Mumbai in first week of October. Any girl whoever is interested please contact me.”


I returned to Mumbai this morning and came to office at 11:30. My team lead came to me and said, ‘I learned that you have put down your papers. Can you please prepare a document for the handover so we can begin to transfer your knowledge to someone else.’

It was good and smooth. Till now I have not come across my project manager and I’ll try and avoid being in any situation with him. He must be in very bad mood as Jeevan is not coming to office since last 3 working days, Sussi has got sickness (I am sure Subira did make her eat something out!), Rahul will be relieved on Wednesday, our onsite project manager Per Pederson is coming tomorrow and I resigned, just to add trouble.

This is hilarious.

PS: I got a Hair cut this weekend.
PSS: I got new spects this weekend.
PSSS: This is my 150th Blog entry!

This day and consequences.

I do not make any false statements in this blog entry.

1. In next 3 hours, I am going to resign from this job.

2. After one-month notice period, while working or struggling for Bollywood, I wont be having much time to blog regularly.

3. Yes I am confident enough to make a mark after this job.

4. I am a bit shy in sending an e-mail, which will announce my resignation, but I’ll surely do it.

5. Next one month, after the resignation, is going to be tough like hell as my boss will look at me with suspicious eyes, team will be advised to stay away from me as I might influence them to quit their jobs.

6. I’ll be facing a very emotional blackmail sessions questioning my professionalism and team spirit and my experience in the software industry.

7. Probably, I’ll be left without much salary that I regularly get. They may cut it down by half saying these are the charges and taxes.

8. I have to call so many directors for appointments. Wait for them in their offices for hours.

9. I do need to prepare for the film for the competition.

And finally…

10. I am so looking forward to it all.

The best and worst advice I ever received was …

Blame it again to the 360 team.

Starting form the worst:

I met this guy called Balasaheb who plays extra in Bollywood while I was meeting some small time Marathi Movie Director Dhodapkar. He said I should give Dhodapkar my script and should work as an assistant. How dare this looser can suggest me something so idiotic to give away a sensitive ‘Sitoliya’ to some 50 odd looser?

And the best advice came from my Father:

He said this when it was not possible for me to go to the US to study in the New York Film Academy, after I got admission there due to lack of funds. He said, Birds fly because they want to. You have a will and it will be fulfilled. Just have faith and confidance in your self. You will win in the end.

From here onwards

I am waiting for the final list from 24×7 Making Movies organizers. The list was supposed to come on 22nd October and till now, 2 days later to the date, which is announced on their home page, there is nothing, but a message saying final list of the participants will be up by 22nd October 2006. These guys clearly understand how to teas people who have betted all their hopes on this contest. No, it does not mean that I am getting stressed out or cursing them, but waiting so eagerly for the list as I have to move on from several things and do all the preparations before the big day comes.

Apart from this I am calling Mr. Govarikar’s office since last night but it seems the staff is so noisy that they just say the boss is in the meeting. I won’t give up on this will keep calling. I don’t think after the goofy day we shared in Stockholm he would ever forget me.

Both mentions above are my safest bets to the industry. After them there is Amar, who is in Pune and his words are louder then his actions. That is a point that bugs me a lot. My basic plan to Bollywood is described above. I know this is not a fool proof plan but at least I do have a plan.

PS: The photo posted here is taken at Haji Ali in Mumbai, where I went last week with Abhishek Bhai, Nikhil and Varun.

PSS: One more thing, Thanks everyone as my total page views crossed 5000 bench mark. I am so glad to see that.

It’s time to take the step.

From here onwards, the life comes to a crossroad again. A very important decision needs to be taken. I can quit this job after one month from now anytime I want to. I do want to give my dreams an opportunity to come to reality. For that I have to meet so many people and struggle (a typical word used for people who want to make a living in the film industry in Mumbai) before get anything from Bollywood.

The risk factor here is, I won’t be having a proper job and I have to survive on my savings. Second thing is that I have to manage to get into the skin of the industry to get the proper job.

Anyways, people are suggesting me to take a new job first and then put my resignation. If you ask me it will go the same then. Office timings and workloads will never let me go out and look for what I desire the most.

Today, my team lead told me that, the work profile I was sharing with one more resource here is from here onwards will be on me alone and there will be no backup whatsoever. Plus to increase the pain in the neck he said all the onsite support would be gone in a couple of days. That means I am completely screwed up here.

Here is my take on the current situation. I am resigning this Friday. No matter what happens. It’s my life after all. I do have guts to take this as a challenge. I will be able to get a job again as my work experience is enough to give me a job anywhere in India if I want to. But for now, I am picking a path that is never seen by anyone.

…Until they walked on it.

What Type of Writer Should I Be?

You Should Be a Film Writer
ImageYou don’t just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!
What Type of Writer Should You Be?

I took this test and see what result I got. It is so creepy!