Thinking of NEW career objectives…Hmmm!

When this year started, I made a list of my to dos in the New Year. And the big thing is, I achieved all that in just half way through!

As I have achieved all the primary objectives for my current career in web design, I am looking forward to explore new opportunities in my career as a Film Maker.

I think most of you must be agree with me as I was making statements over statements over last many years to achieve my dream career. I mean all those scripts and synopsis that I posted over the time for Sitoliya, Before The Storm Comes, The Apartment Guys, Chotu and Harsud. I think this is the time for the big jump.

It sounds scary though, but I am not afraid of anything because as a safe career option I am having enough experience as a web designer with four years of experience and I think after my onsite visit, my resume has something really big to offer.

I am setting some new goal for this year.

First, I am going to hunt a job as an assistant director in Bollywood. Second, I’ll quit this job. Third, I’ll start shooting for my first full-length feature film this year.

I think the list contains something BIG but you know, Always shoot for the moon, if you missed, you’ll land somewhere between stars!

This is going to be my second attempt to the industry but I am sure will make it.

After all, Mr. Gowarikar knows me now!


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