What should I do now?

I went straight to my Project manager this afternoon asking him to approve my leave application that I sent to him around 2 weeks ago. He took me and Zavier, my new team lead (though there is no one else in my team) to the conference room to discuss about my leave plan.

‘We cannot give you leave for one week. The situations are so critical. We are in the transition phase and this time we are discussing this because there is no backup available for you.’

Was I shouting in French since last 4 weeks that please provide me some backup!

Now all my agendas of leave are in toilet seat. My boss flushed them clean.

I never longed for going to Sanawad as I am now. I am not a home sick person but I just want to cheer my Dad up after his retirement. I want to give all the gifts that I got for my family. I have loads to share with them. Before my sister’s college starts, I think we should have a little chat on her future. Next time whenever I’ll visit them, I am not sure if she gets proper time from her studies.

I understand my responsible position here in office. I know if something goes wrong, it is going to be bad for the whole company and I am not in any mood to be the reason.

Still, my complain is, why on earth these guys never provided me any proper resource when I demanded. They just think that one lady can give birth to 9 children in one month.

7 weeks and 1 day to go in Datamatics.


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