Hurrey !!! It’s Weekend.

Finally the weekend is here. I am glad this is Friday. I’ll shift in the Paying Guest accommodation tomorrow and will purchase a new bag for all my things which are now seems overflowing from my luggage. Nikhil is going to Sanawad this Monday and I am planning to send a lot of things with him, as my visit to Sanawad is not possible in the current scenario of the company. No leaves at all!

I am planning to have a quite weekend but Nikhil has some other big bash plans. I’ll just go with him.

We got new phones at our desks but I do not think that we need them. I mean old ones were working fine!

Hey! I am wearing the Swedish team’s soccer tee shirt to office today! It was fun when I enter here. Everyone was looking at me. Actually we are not allowed to do something like that as per company’s policy but if no one here follows the rules, why should I bother?

People, all around the world, do their work and go home. But here we have to follow all sorts of rules like dress code and timings and blah blah blah…!

Yesterday I was chatting with Justin, a chat friend of mine from the US. He said the picture we get of the US, as a land of opportunities is just a rosy picture of the nation and they also have poor and unemployed people out there. I agree with him as I read this article about the unemployment problem of the US last week.

Now after getting all sorts of admiration and adulations from so many people on the net for my last chapter of the book 7 of Harry Potter, I am thinking seriously about moving more into writing and get a book published.


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