All set… weekend wet..raining just perfect!

It’s Monsoon time. It is raining and raining all around. The Mumbai is like a big muddy swimming pool now. Today I reached office in more then 2 hours and was completely soaked up by the time I was on my desk. Now I am trying hard to dry my socks!

Again, I got this mail I as soon as I reached here that, there is a meeting scheduled on either 14th or 15th this month. 15th of August is Independence Day of India and that means a sure holiday. Again, if I would have got 14th, I might utilize the weekend in my visit to Sanawad. My project manager says, we are not going to get the 15th of August holiday, as we have to work for the clients. I think it is completely disgraceful decision for a citizen towards the nation they belong to.

And for the news online is, I have got 3250+ page views till now and it seems the count is going good. The only complaint I have here is, I have placed a poll on my previous post on Friday but the funny thing is I haven’t got a single vote on that.

The whole FS team here, including Rahul and Jeevan could not make it to office today. They went to Pune for the weekend and all the trains this morning got canceled. Subira is also not present here today.

I think this gives me a good boost for going to Sanawad for next weekend and put all the blame for an inevitable delay in return on the rain gods. Yes, I can do that. I am not planning to lie but I think managers should make there people happy and satisfied so they can be happy and more motivated towards their work.

Here is a brand new question! Are these rains are going to stop today? I am sure I have to spend the whole night here somewhere in the office lounge and need to work tomorrow morning too!


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