Festival season begins…

With ‘Raksha Bandhan’, the festival season begins in India. Today all the Indians are celebrating Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. Rakhi is basically a festival of brothers and sisters. Sisters tie a decorated string of shifon on the wrist of their brothers and brothers make promise to protect them all their life.

Years and miles apart brothers visit their sisters just for this festival as this reminds them their childhood and family bondings they share as siblings and family.

Now! Here is an idiot like me, sitting in a air-conditioned office, 650 K.M. away from my little sister, who today is so sad and missing me, as I have to work in office and do not have any time to see that my family starts the fastival season with a smile.

Boys who do not have sisters and girls who do not have brothers are the people who become so sad on this day. Here, if we look closely, this festival is a reminder of Indian family values and culture.

Yes, I am sad and missing my sister so much.

But the best part here is, she got all the gifts and chocolets that I got for her from Paris and Stockholm this morning. She just called to ask what to do with them. I said you can eat them all. On that she replied, come home and we will have all the chocolets together.

Ah… Missing you yaar.


One thought on “Festival season begins…

  1. I never heard of the festival before .But I got to know there was such a beautiful sweet loving festival today .Its really awesome !Im so sorry to hear that you cant spend the day with your sister together this year .But Im sure your sister can feel so much care and love from you . I wish you and your sister a greatest Rakhi day ! and hope you can spend the day with her and your family next year !

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