Noopur is coming to Mumbai!

It is hilarious. Noopur is coming to Mumbai tomorrow and I am the one responsible for this. It took me just 2 days to make him say yes to Mumbai. It is not that he is trapped or something but I think he got convinced pretty fast. Believe it or not but I must call it mutual trust that he agreed to come to a city which has population of 15 million and has a lifestyle which is totally stranger from rest of the country.

Noopur and I were college time roommates in Indore and in Sanawad we lived in the same colony. It is nice to have another old friend in a city full of strangers. The only thing I am worrying about now is that he does not get scared of this place. Mumbai has the capacity to make you so scared even before you unpack your bags. If you are a tourist, that’s okay, but if you decide to make a living here, this will start a whole new story of struggle and success.

It has opportunities as I am looking at now but only and only guts and courage is what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Yesterday, I read this article on Mallika Sherawat by Pritish Nandy and I am fully agreed whatever Nandi has written. After born as Reema Lamba in Rohtak, having in a bitter marriage for two years, disowned by her parents, this divorcee came to the city of Mumbai, the big dream and to Bollywood, even bigger dream. Struggled in small roles here and there and hit the mark with a C grade movie and then came her ‘Murder’. That’s a phenomenon now. If you say Murder, that means Mallika. The box office was blown away.

She made it.

Not just Bollywood but she rubbed her shoulders with likes of Jacky Chain in ‘The Myth’. Now, whatever you call her. She had the courage to swim against the tides. I salute you Mallika.

Now, back to Noopur. Is he going to get scared?

As my journey is concerned, I am having 6 full weeks before taking any step outside this company. I am ready to face the bigger picture. I am not just daydreaming. I did it once and do have the capability to repeat it once again.

This is going to be my year to shine. My Year.


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