Now presenting Noopur, MBA-BCA!

So Noopur came this morning at 4:00 AM. He was so thrilled to see the local trains here. It is not that the local trains are so cute or something, it was the pickup and speed of the trains that surprised him. He started asking so many questions and I am sure the flow of his questions won’t end till he gets settled here. He is having this interview today and I am crossing my fingers that he gets this job. He will be so happy and lucky too to get a job in the biggest city of the country on the day of his debut here.

I am going home tonight to see my family as I think this is a time when I should be with them as it’s a complete makeover phase for all of us. I am not coming back before 16th August. I’ll be back on Wednesday morning and will come straight to office.

Noopur! Get the job buddy! You can make it. Come on!

PS: This is my photo not Noopur’s. I think I should be more active with my camera now because all the pics I am posting here are old and like a non stop reminder of my European Summer!


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