I am back!

Okay, I agree that I am a bit late to return but there are several reasons included in the whole story. When I thought of leaving on the pre decided date, Noopur’s grandmother died and it took two full days and one sleepless night for all of his friends and family. His return to Mumbai is not possible for next fortnight.

Call it rain gods who wished that I must remain with my family. No trains and over flowing rivers.

Now I am here and waiting for a short (read too long) meeting with my Project manager and team lead to discuss what we have lost and how will we recover the work in the duration I was absent.

The questions will be like, do you understand your position and this is a responsible job!

I am dead prepared for whatever is coming from the management. I am not goofing around my job. I mean I never did something like this before in my whole 4 year long career.

Now we should return back to the business. My trip was good. We all were so happy to be together at home. It was a peaceful visit with a few sparks but all was so fine that we will remember this Rakhi for long.

The pic posted here is of the occassion when Urmila didi tied me the rakhi as she visited us with her family after a long time to celebrate the festival.

Now as I am back after a weeklong break, I think it’s time to recollect the pieces and start in search of a new sky.


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