It was last evening when I was about to leave office. My boss shouted at me for more then an hour. He said I am not a responsible person and the whole company will sink if they have a couple of more idiots like me fooling around. 

This morning when I reached office we got 3 visitors from our Stockholm office. Goren, Malin and Sussi. It is fun watching them again. Yes, I said watching not meeting.

Not just them but the way my boss acts in front of them is so funny. It is a subject of gossip across all the team members about the way he tries to please the visitors. I cannot believe that this is the same guy who almost fired me from my job yesterday.

Rest is fine as I am shifted to JB Nagar, near my office so no rush hour running in the morning. Life is back on track but what next is still popping in my mind.


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