It’s time to take the step.

From here onwards, the life comes to a crossroad again. A very important decision needs to be taken. I can quit this job after one month from now anytime I want to. I do want to give my dreams an opportunity to come to reality. For that I have to meet so many people and struggle (a typical word used for people who want to make a living in the film industry in Mumbai) before get anything from Bollywood.

The risk factor here is, I won’t be having a proper job and I have to survive on my savings. Second thing is that I have to manage to get into the skin of the industry to get the proper job.

Anyways, people are suggesting me to take a new job first and then put my resignation. If you ask me it will go the same then. Office timings and workloads will never let me go out and look for what I desire the most.

Today, my team lead told me that, the work profile I was sharing with one more resource here is from here onwards will be on me alone and there will be no backup whatsoever. Plus to increase the pain in the neck he said all the onsite support would be gone in a couple of days. That means I am completely screwed up here.

Here is my take on the current situation. I am resigning this Friday. No matter what happens. It’s my life after all. I do have guts to take this as a challenge. I will be able to get a job again as my work experience is enough to give me a job anywhere in India if I want to. But for now, I am picking a path that is never seen by anyone.

…Until they walked on it.


2 thoughts on “It’s time to take the step.

  1. Hey dear Dushyant ! how are you today ? hope everything has been good with your work ! I agree with what your friends’suggestion too . I know well how badly you want to make your dreams come true .and yeah you will have to pay much much more efforts for your drems in the film industry . it wont be an easy road for sure / I dont really know about how your situation is now .I cant give you good suggestion . but I do wish you will make your dreams come true . I think you might have made your mind and You know what you should do . just choice the most right way for yourself /

  2. Dushyant the pics on my blog isnt in Beijing . Its in Hubei Yichang .But I dont think you have heard before hehe . yeah I love the places with lakes ,ocean ,river ,water too .always make the places much more beautiful with them .

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