From here onwards

I am waiting for the final list from 24×7 Making Movies organizers. The list was supposed to come on 22nd October and till now, 2 days later to the date, which is announced on their home page, there is nothing, but a message saying final list of the participants will be up by 22nd October 2006. These guys clearly understand how to teas people who have betted all their hopes on this contest. No, it does not mean that I am getting stressed out or cursing them, but waiting so eagerly for the list as I have to move on from several things and do all the preparations before the big day comes.

Apart from this I am calling Mr. Govarikar’s office since last night but it seems the staff is so noisy that they just say the boss is in the meeting. I won’t give up on this will keep calling. I don’t think after the goofy day we shared in Stockholm he would ever forget me.

Both mentions above are my safest bets to the industry. After them there is Amar, who is in Pune and his words are louder then his actions. That is a point that bugs me a lot. My basic plan to Bollywood is described above. I know this is not a fool proof plan but at least I do have a plan.

PS: The photo posted here is taken at Haji Ali in Mumbai, where I went last week with Abhishek Bhai, Nikhil and Varun.

PSS: One more thing, Thanks everyone as my total page views crossed 5000 bench mark. I am so glad to see that.


One thought on “From here onwards

  1. Hey dear Dushyant ! how are you today ? seem there were many things on your mind that you needed top think about . I hope everything will go very smoothly for you !the pic is very nice , is it a temple ? its very awesome . Oh congratulates ! 🙂 mine is still early

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