The best and worst advice I ever received was …

Blame it again to the 360 team.

Starting form the worst:

I met this guy called Balasaheb who plays extra in Bollywood while I was meeting some small time Marathi Movie Director Dhodapkar. He said I should give Dhodapkar my script and should work as an assistant. How dare this looser can suggest me something so idiotic to give away a sensitive ‘Sitoliya’ to some 50 odd looser?

And the best advice came from my Father:

He said this when it was not possible for me to go to the US to study in the New York Film Academy, after I got admission there due to lack of funds. He said, Birds fly because they want to. You have a will and it will be fulfilled. Just have faith and confidance in your self. You will win in the end.


2 thoughts on “The best and worst advice I ever received was …

  1. The best solution & advices wen one needs, the best way is toquestion our ownself, bcuz the best way to get the way out is with us ourselves, but we keep on haunting unnecessary…. al da best 4 ur future

  2. Hey Dushyant ! you are so lucky to have such a great father !He understands you ,and will always support you ! e really gave you the best advice !keep belief also be wise to what you will meet in your life !

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