This day and consequences.

I do not make any false statements in this blog entry.

1. In next 3 hours, I am going to resign from this job.

2. After one-month notice period, while working or struggling for Bollywood, I wont be having much time to blog regularly.

3. Yes I am confident enough to make a mark after this job.

4. I am a bit shy in sending an e-mail, which will announce my resignation, but I’ll surely do it.

5. Next one month, after the resignation, is going to be tough like hell as my boss will look at me with suspicious eyes, team will be advised to stay away from me as I might influence them to quit their jobs.

6. I’ll be facing a very emotional blackmail sessions questioning my professionalism and team spirit and my experience in the software industry.

7. Probably, I’ll be left without much salary that I regularly get. They may cut it down by half saying these are the charges and taxes.

8. I have to call so many directors for appointments. Wait for them in their offices for hours.

9. I do need to prepare for the film for the competition.

And finally…

10. I am so looking forward to it all.


2 thoughts on “This day and consequences.

  1. The next month seems to be really hard for you . But Im sure you wil be fine with that . Its always the hardest at the beginning . Hope you take good care and bestest wishes for you !

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