Moving Ahead

Before I say anything here, take an advice and book your tickets for the movie ‘Click’ at the nearest cinema hall. Whatever reviews you might have got but the fact is this movie is definitely a must watch. I think it was the funny way of learning the most important lesson of life. Please don’t miss it.

As I already promised that I am not going to tell lies here on 360, here is a secret for you all.

I cried watching the movie and still filling numb.

Ok enough of weekend sentimental drama.

I visited Pune after resigning from the job. I was not in any mood of listening anything from my boss on Friday, as this would have ruined my weekend. In Pune, there was an audition was organized by Amit for me to cast actors for the movie. There were around 20 people came for the auditions and more the less it was a good experience. (Rang De Basanti style!!)

Finally I got this guy called Vicky (other then Vicky bhai), who came for the audition and is doing acting course from some institute in Pune. BUT, for the rest of the cast I am totally decided upon the tested gang.

Atrey is so petrified that he hasn’t called me yet. He was my first choice for the lead as Mujju, after Amit Punjabi ditched me at the day of the trial shoot in May. I tried to contact him but he is telling stories ranging from an upset stomach to a client side visit to getting Chicken-Gunia.

I know he is bit conscious that he might prove as the biggest looser in the front of the camera and the film will get affected. Now how could I convince him that I do need that kind of expressions for the role that he owns in his eyes as I say action?

I do have time and option for the main lead but here comes the big catch. I need a lead female actress opposite Mujju.

Okay people! Here comes the story of how to make a movie or how Dushyant will make a movie! Problem number one was the actor and now the actress.

Here is an advertisement:

”Wanted a Female Actress, Girlish, 18-20, for one day of shooting in Mumbai in first week of October. Any girl whoever is interested please contact me.”


I returned to Mumbai this morning and came to office at 11:30. My team lead came to me and said, ‘I learned that you have put down your papers. Can you please prepare a document for the handover so we can begin to transfer your knowledge to someone else.’

It was good and smooth. Till now I have not come across my project manager and I’ll try and avoid being in any situation with him. He must be in very bad mood as Jeevan is not coming to office since last 3 working days, Sussi has got sickness (I am sure Subira did make her eat something out!), Rahul will be relieved on Wednesday, our onsite project manager Per Pederson is coming tomorrow and I resigned, just to add trouble.

This is hilarious.

PS: I got a Hair cut this weekend.
PSS: I got new spects this weekend.
PSSS: This is my 150th Blog entry!


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