August 29, 2006

12:30 PM


Ulhas, my project manager is telling everyone that Dushyant is not performing well, so we asked him to step down and he has resigned from his position. This is ridiculous. I know he always wants to play safe but the truth is since my return from Stockholm, I was counting my days to quit this job. If the work profile is not matching this is harmful not just for me but for the company too. He needs to understand that we are really real people and he should not take us for granted.

I have not talked to him till now but Zavier has told me to do so. I am going to meet him today.

My reasons for resigning this position are simple.


  1. The job profile does not match with my skills that surely impacting the output.
  2. I have resigned my self from the job to do something that I really want to do.
  3. I can design an umbrella but cannot hold it for the customers i.e. I do not want to be in support but into design and development of websites and animations.
  4. It is one last chance for me to follow what my heart is yarning for years.
  5. So it is totally a decision based upon job dissatisfaction and a coming opportunity.


I hope Ulhas will understand what exactly is in the cupboard.

1:00 PM


I went to meet Ulhas and he said he has already ordered the handover for me so there will not be any problems regarding my reliving from the job. He just said the things are in process and nothing is there to discuss. So, this means all is going well. Now I have to prepare a handover document in detail. Ulhas says just concentrate on the issues and handover and we might have a meeting later today.

Am I crushed somewhere? It would be best to leave the things for now and just let the time go by in present scenario. I am in a mood to relax a bit.

By the way, last night I slept at 11 and wake up at 10 in the morning so it was a long night’s sleep. I am so glad that I got a good sleep. It is turning out to be a luxury to have a good sleep these days. In last two months it was the longest sleep that I got.


One thought on “August 29, 2006

  1. Morning !Dushyant ! glad to hear that it wouldnt be too hard for you to quit this job so far . hope all will be well !Im sure you woul make the handover document very well ! hehe sounds a long long sleep . hope you will have more good sleep ! 🙂

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