Ganpati Bappa Morea

Oh! It has been 4 days since Lord Ganesha’s festival has begun and I haven’t mentioned him yet! How big of an idiot I am. Lord Ganesha must be remembered before staring any thing new. And in the times when he is here and everywhere is getting celebrated, in these 10 days, I forget to even mention his festival.

Okay! After Rakhi, comes Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha. After 10 days of that comes Anant Chaturdashi. In these 10 days idols of Ganesha placed in colonies and homes and after 10 days of worship the god is sent to there home by water i.e. everyone visits nearby river or seashore to bid good bye to him and with a promise of a visit again next year.

More Information about Ganesha is available here.

Oh my god! What a busy day I got here. This was the busiest among all days since last 2 months. Things are pretty cool and funny out here. Enjoying!


One thought on “Ganpati Bappa Morea

  1. The Lord Ganesha looks gorgeous ! will send him to the river after 10 days ? Is he an idol of sending all the nice things blessing to all the person ? why he has an elephant nose ? lol sorry to ask so many silly quetions . glad to hear you had a very busy day ,but it was nice cool for you ! hope tomorrow will be more great for you ! 🙂

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