My Favorites: Iqbal

After the comment form Yanyan, my online friend from China, I decided to make a blog series about Indian Cinema’s My Favorites. I think this is the brightest creative idea I got apart from making my own movies. So here goes a series, which will say what I liked and what inspired me at the moment when I added a certain film in the long list of my favorites.

Here in the first installment of the ‘My Favorites’. To wonder for all of you, I am not going with the glossy cinema but with the movies that speaks of the humans not money. The low budget cinema, on which my heart skips a beat, is here for you all.

Iqbal (2005):

The Movie, with poster posted here, is about a village boy who is deaf and dumb and wants to be a fast bowler in Indian cricket team. It is all about his hopes and dreams. It is about his fight to swim against the tides.

Against his father’s wishes of making him a self dependent farmer, with the help of a street drunkard and with support of his younger sister and mother, he fights his way out of the crowed to the final 11 chosen ones in the blue caps of Indian Cricket Team.

Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, This film was made by him after I met him at the Planet M function in Pune, Iqbal is a rejoice with practically inspiring storyline and innovative use of music.

Naseerudin Shah, Shreyas Talpade and Shweta Prasad just make you lost in the triumph of dreams. With the able hands of Nagesh the movie is surely one of the best in modern day cinema. With almost budgeted as next to nothing, the movie proved to be a money-spinner in almost every sense.

The song called ‘Aashaein’ or ‘Hopes’ is a piece of poetry, which can definitely remind you the soul purpose of your life.

Hats off to Mr. Subhash Ghai for producing this small budget film and giving us something to cherish all the life long.

Rating: DDDDD


2 thoughts on “My Favorites: Iqbal

  1. Hey Dushyant ! thats so amazing to see that you made this ! thats very cool ! thank you very much for sharing your favorite movies with us ! I didnt see the Iqbal before .But I can understand a bit why you put it first . The movie must touched your heart deeply . it sounds a very moving inspiring movie about striving toward the dreams . yeah even small budget can make awesome movies indeed ! what kind of movie you want to make first ? 🙂

  2. HI~~as my english is not so good,i have searched the chinese network to see the information about the’s really a heart-warming film and i like it !thanx for your sharing.(^__^*)

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