Back from the weekend!

On the whole weekend I constantly tried to see the new released movie ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ that is a second movie in series of Munna Bhai Movies. All the shows in all the theaters were House full and there was no chance to get tickets.

I spent the weekend at Nikhil’s place in Mahalaxmi and worked on my script of ‘Before the storm comes’ and logo animation of my production ‘Dare 2 Dreams’. Last night I got the DVD of ‘The Polar Express’. It was a really nice movie with great animation and effects. Though the soul of the movie was missing somewhere. No doubt this $150 Million film made just the same at the box office and ended its spell with DVD collection of $ 50 Million.

In India the most costly film ever made was Devdas, which was made in around $ 9.5 Million. It is funny in many ways. You make the costliest film in India and people in US wonders, how one can make a film in just $ 10 Million?

Okay… Back to my weekend! It was nothing like something very special but I did enjoyed working and felt like beginning the new chapter of my life.

I am going to send the script to the 24×7 people along with the guy I finalized for the role of Mujju.

Rest is perfectly going as a fine Monday morning.

How was your weekend?


One thought on “Back from the weekend!

  1. Morning ! Dushyant ! my weekend was good . Thundered last night here . The weather is getting nice . :)So glad to hear that everything has been very well for you . would the ‘Before the storm comes’be the first movie you are going to make ? 🙂

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