My Favorites: Makdee

In a small village somewhere in India, lived 2 twin sisters. Chunni and Munni. Chunni was rebellious when Munni was shy.

Chunni had a friend called Mughal-e-Azam who was the adopted son of the village butcher. He followed whatever clever Chunni asked him to. She saved him from many difficult situations and both worked more like a team.

Whereas Munni was more of a bookworm and tried to learn whatever did the teacher teach in the school. She was closer with the family then the naughty Chunni. She was not as clever as her sister was.

One day, the butcher followed Mughal-e-Azam and Chunni after a prank which was gone wrong and mistaken Munni as Chunni. Munni was who was so afraid of him, ran straight into the haunted mansion of the village where lived the evil witch ‘Makdee’.

Chunni tried everything to tell people that Munni is gone inside the witch house but no one believed her. Everyone took it as her latest idea of prank.

Chunni gathered all her courage and went inside the mansion to be replaced with her sister. There she met the evil witch Makdee, who gave her a chicken and told her that this is her sister.

Now to get back her sister Chunni gets a deal with Makdee witch. Chunni should give Makdee 100 chickens and Makdee will turn the chicken to Munni again.

This is a huge task, as no one believes her but Mughal-e-Azam.

Vishal Bharadwaj, who was a leading music director in Bollywood does an amazing job in his first directorial venture and gives a funny yet serious movie which is a must watch in sense of story, direction, acting, music and Indian village outlook.

Makdee teaches us to redefine our faiths and to fight with the evil when no one out there to look for.

Shabana Azmi, as the evil witch, and Shweta Prasad made this film come alive with élan. Shweta, in her debut as Chunni and Munni, pulled the role with ease.

Makdee (2002) won several awards at several film festivals but never made it to cinemas throughout India. I watched it on DVD and is a kind of cinema in that I believe.

Rating: DDDD


One thought on “My Favorites: Makdee

  1. What kinds of movies you like most ? Do you like the movies from Hollywood ?these India movies I didnt see . In China most movies from Hollywood . hardly find movies from India . 😛 Im going to make an entry for two young girls . check it out when you are free . and help them when you can !. Maybe their story can make you an inspiration !

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