Dare 2 Dreams

Okay! Here I want to remind that in the ‘my favorites’ section of blog entries, I am posting about the Indian films which I like and get inspired from.

All the storyline and the way of presentation is what matters most to me. Script is something, which needs to be solid, and should give proper spacing and scope to the characters to behave themselves.

For my views and ideas are concerned here is a small description about the kind of cinema that I am going to make.

Before The Storm Comes

Mujju is a 17-year-old lad, born and brought up in a terrorist camp in Kashmir. Unknown to the real world and the bright side of life laid his teen life in the training camp getting trained for explosives.

When Mujju was sent to Mumbai to execute his first mission to explode the Gateway of India, he entered a whole new world, which was completely alien to him. Now, accompanied by two of his colleagues, Mujju reside in a suburb in Mumbai, waiting for the green signal from the high command to execute their plans.

In the due course, he meets Ani, a girl-next-door and does what was forbidden for him, he laughs, makes friends and he falls in love. Ani teaches him to home, to believe, to laugh, to love and to be loved.

Mujju learns that he can make people laugh and it doesn’t hurt. He discovers about his ability to bring smiles on people’s face.

Now, it’s his decision to choose either the life, which the past has given him, or to go with the brighter side of life.

Before the storm comes…

Production Status: This project is going to be my first break. Total length of this film will be 25 minutes and this will be made in October for 24×7 Making Movies. The script is ready and I am looking for proper actors and crewmembers before going on floors. Yes! This is indeed a very ambitious project, as I have to finish the production and post-production for this in 24 hours straight.

The Apartment Guys

The Apartment Guys are fools who live in a city and share a place to live. They are the unluckiest people on earth. They are not friends. They are just under one roof to share a place to live. They all are different in character and thinking. The only one thing, which is common in them, is that they are the biggest idiots on the planet.

The story of these 4 idiots accompanied with a mean boss, one idiot common friend who also wants to move with them in the apartment, one girl who just want to breakup with one of the guys who live in the apartment.

The Story here is just about a day in the life of these poor guys, who suffer when all the things which can possibly go wrong.

The shooting script is ready with me since 2 years. The locations are already decided. Actors are finalized. The last problem is that, I do not have the camera to and some budget to go with it.

Anyways, I am going to start this all fools ride This December and will be out with the final copy in January.


Sitolia is the first thing ever that I wrote. It took me 4 years to get the final story. Draft over drafts, night over nights and thoughts of the edited final product.

Sitolia is my dream.

In this world, as we grow up, we meet so many people. Some of them become our friends.As the life progresses some friends leave us, some gets left behind and we leave some of them.

This journey never stops. It has it’s own plans. It never waits for anything, anyone, and anywhere. The journey is called life.

Sitolia is a story of Aditya, an 11-year-old boy who has his own world where he likes to be alone. Close in his own mind he tries his best to avoid anyone with a wish of friendship.His nature is the biggest concern of his parents.

When his only best friends Rohan leaves the town, broken Aditya gets a new friend in the face of Muskan. Muskan teaches him to laugh and life andthe meanings of friendship.

Aditya, whostarted looking at the world ina whole new perspective, never knew that the fate had other plans.

But promises need to be kept.

Sitolia tells a story of the pillars of friendship and value of words. It teaches us not only about life, but ways on whichit can be more beautiful.

The script of Sitolia needs a revision as the final inputs are in my mind. That will make it invincible. Sitolia will be a complete 2 hour long feature film and will have 4 songs in it. Two of them will be used as background score.


If Sitolia is my dream, Chotu is my ambition. Chotu will be a 2 hours long film. Till now I don’t have anything in written for this project but this is going to be a one big film for me. Just opposite all the projects I stated above, Chotu will be a dark film about Child Labor.

When 12-year-old Chotu learns his father eloped with some street hooker, he has to take the responsibility of his ill mother and young brother. He comes to the city where his father worked and gets lost in the crowd and gets a life, which he never have cursed for his enemies.

And some other thoughts are about people who are working outside their countries. The story will be about their relations and life, which is torn in pieces by ambitions, which will lead them, nowhere.

Another story will be about 4 people, who are not connected to each other in any sense. They live in different corners of the earth. But one day they have to meet to know the truth, which is haunting them since they are born.

Now please tell me, do you think there is something going to come out of these ideas?


2 thoughts on “Dare 2 Dreams

  1. I liked the idea for the first story could be kind of o unsolved open end , but if your devotion and dedication was put for years into this story about the 11 year old then I wantto see what you did with that,so I vote for both but can only check one

  2. I was browsing through to search for the word sitolia .jus came across your page.. i think its a great story. can you let me know where i can watch it ? and also the word sitolia as well. ! 🙂

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