Good Bye Ganesha… Please come soon next year!

Ganesha is gone at the weekend and the procession of his return was huge. Celebrations and fireworks, people dancing on the streets with a lot of orchestra playing non-stop.

The days of calling and remembering the forefathers and dead family members are here now. These 15 days embarks the respect and memories of them and all the family members mourn in memories of the lost loved ones.

I was ill for most of the weekend. I was resting at Nikhil’s place where he was suffering with Malaria, I was down with viral infection and Noopur was recovering with his Malaria. Three of us were company together in ill season. I got a call from Aarti, my sister, and she said she got typhoid and picked up by Papa for a treatment at home. Meanwhile my Mom got some hot water poured on her foot and got some burns. And finally Noopur, who came here just a week ago, decided to go back to Indore and won’t be searching a job in Mumbai. He was scared away from the city. I knew it. It is not easy to adopt this city of dreams, as it is way too different from the rest of the country.

I am all right now and joined office today. Nikhil is also at his job. Noopur did some shopping at the fashion street so he is fine too. Aarti is on medication and at rest at home. Mom is also doing well (just without footwear).

Here is the schedule that I got from 24×7 Making Movies’ website for the competition.

Broadly the schedule is as follows
– Workshops . . . . . . . .23rd Sept to 30th Sept
– Filmmaking . . . . . . . 1st Oct to 8th Oct
– Awards Function. . . 14th Oct

This is just tentative and final schedule will come soon.

I think from now on the roads will be much more complex for me as this is the time when I should work on the storyboard before getting scrapped with my script at the discussions with the committee of organizers.

Now I am thinking of the meaning of the sentence.

’Race against time’


One thought on “Good Bye Ganesha… Please come soon next year!

  1. Hey Dushyant !how are you feeling today ? sorry to hear you got sick also some of your family and friends . I hope you and they can get well soon ! it might be the season to get sick easily . yeah your work wil be really busy . but i know you are happy for it . I hope everything will go well at work . and you take care stay safe ! best wishes for you and your familu friends !

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