September 12, 2006

Today I decided to reach office late and came at 12:00 Noon, half hour late then the scheduled timings.

Last night I was up till 5:00 AM and just having different visions of “Sitolia” and “Before the storm comes”. I do not know how this was happening but it was like dreaming with eyes wide open. I saw some scenes with more intense drama and editing then my current script has. Some more cry baby corner scenes were added and characters were looking more alive.

Today when I reached office, I got Pooja online and came to know that she was also unable to sleep last night and thought of the release of my film.

I think I am recovered from the fever that I was having this weekend but feeling dead sleepy today. Ulhas, my project manager, called me and offered a meeting for the hand over. It is going smooth as I think but still need a resource soon enough to transfer my work responsibilities.

Noopur got reservation for tonight’s train to Sanawad and will leave at 11:45. I wished him luck and a good future, as I am sure that he is never going to return to Mumbai for a job. I was too happy when he came here but now I think it’s time when he should take the driver’s seat and choose whatever is best for him and his career. In the picture posted here, Noopur and me are sitting at Nikhil’s backyard.

I am waiting for a resource and then the workshops and all the shooting things will begin. Life is at another turn again.


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