Pre Production and the butterflies in the stomach!

Finally, 24×7 website has put it’s schedule and for me the Script session is going to be on 27th September and shooting will be on 3rd of October. I am now thinking of all the pre production hurdles which means so less time to finish storyboarding.

For this weekend my tasks will be…

  1. Going to Pune.
  2. Organizing a session with all the cast and crewmembers.
  3. Getting the background score fixed with Vicky Bhai and Manoj Bhai.
  4. Finalizing the leading lady for the role of ‘Ani’.
  5. Getting the storyboard started and trying to finish as much as possible for the same.
  6. A rehearsal with all the cast members and giving them the proper expressions for the act.
  7. Fixing minor issues for the script.
  8. Getting the list of props and costumes and booking them at the costume provider.

I think the weekend is going to be a one big working and tiring one. I am desperate to finish all these activities. If I fail at any of these, I will be in trouble.

Okay big guy, breath easy now. Actually I was unable to sleep last night too. It has been 2 nights that I cannot sleep. As soon as I close my eyes, all what I see is just the edited final versions of my different films with all the background score and more drama attached with it.

I got a sound engineer today who is a student and will help me with the sync sound technology in the shooting to save the dubbing and reduce the noise level. I think it will be great.


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