The Final Schedule

Hi Friends,
Here is the final schedule of 24×7 Making movies. My name is at no.14.


Now I need the courage to fight it out!


One thought on “The Final Schedule

  1. Music and Movies…they go hand in hand in satisfying our needs with giving us a feeling that can change our moods the instant we see the big screen or hear melodies begin. They carry magic. They carry us away from reality for a moment.

    It takes more than courage to be the chosen few, remember that. You will have to live and breathe, eat and sleep, study and practice, watch and learn, your talent. Never be above or below another person and never let go of your dreams. Sometimes criticism and rejection are gifts. Take it, be a better actor from it. Sometimes praise and acceptance are poison. Know the warning signs for fake attention and being used. Follow your heart and your God. Listen quietly to your soul.

    And, as we say in America – “break a leg”… “knock their socks off” … “ leave ‘em in your dust” …LOL and all the other GOOD LUCK phrases!!!

    Warm Hugs,

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