In need of a good night’s sleep!

Life’s sense of humor is unbelievable. Last night when I thought I got the sleep on time, a stranger knocked the door at around 3:30 AM. He was in search for his friend who used to live there. He said he was coming from the airport and just dropped by to say a hello to his dear friend.

And again when I tried to sleep, the man who lives downstairs came to our place at 7 in the morning, complaining about the water leak.

Disasters do happen and this was my third night in a row.

I am just trying to figure out the best way possible to get through this phase. I am tired but miles to go before I sleep.

On the 9th of October, there will be the award function from 24×7 Making Movies. I think till then it is going to be just butterflies’ time.

I just need a good sleep tonight to get the momentum as tomorrow night I am going to Pune and this is going to be a big working tough weekend.

And for the cricket match, India declared a looser by Duckworth Loise System! I don’t know what the heck is that. It rained in Kuala Lampore when Windies played only 20 overs from their 50 overs quota and scored 141 runs. The match was abandoned and the idiotic D/L formula came in. I cannot remember if ever I saw India win a match after the D/L calculation. It happened for the second time this year.

Well… Sachin Tendulkar was declared ‘The Man of the Match’.


One thought on “In need of a good night’s sleep!

  1. hey Dushyant sorry for that didnt leave anything yesterday . as was sick yesterday . sorry to hear you havent slept well the last few nights . Im sure youmust feel tired during the day /I really hope you can have a very long deep sound sleep tonight !Oh read your blogs . I feel that you seem tohave been nervous and worried about the movie . I gues Ican understand . Its normal . well just like what you said : Take a long
    breath ! just relaxing !
    . Being nervous and worried cant help at all .only make things wrose .
    give confidence to yourself . and put a big smile on face (oh the smile beter from the bottom of your heart !) hehe so you will feel better .
    then do your best ! Im sure you can make it speial ! All the bestest luck for you ! Take good care !

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