The count down begins!

Wow! It was my fourth sleepless night yesterday in a row! I am thrilled to get some more new insights of my production and new ideas.

And the other good thing is right when I am planning to go to Pune in a couple of hours; it is raining like anything here in Mumbai.

This morning when I reached office I got Nilesh waiting for me as now he will be taking the handover and not the girl who I was supposed to give. Nilesh is already overworked and I do not understand what plan the managers are having. No calms here as Nilesh is a good resource to work with. He understands fast and I will sure make a point to finish all the handover midweek through.

I had a chat with my Papa yesterday and I told him all my plans and he said whatever I am going to do I should do it with whole heart. He wished me good luck and told me to not to worry.

I love you Papa.

And thanks to all you people for supporting me in ways I cannot think about. Thanks Pooja, Yanyan and Jacky for the special comments. I am really in need of motivation these days. Soon, when there will be no constant internet connection for me and I guess it will take around weeks to make a blog entry here.

Well… Have a nice weekend and see you all on Monday!


One thought on “The count down begins!

  1. Hey Dushyant ! you are infatuated about the movie terribly now !!! hehehe just kidding . But I think your spirits souls are really fused in the movie ,also the movie’s spirits souls are fused in yours ,each in each . hehe I know it would be a really special movie when you put all your spirits souls efforts in it . Yeah we are always supporting you ! However take a nice sleep furing the weekend . otherwise you would faint on the scene ! hehehe :))))

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