Monday Morning!

It seems I should drop the idea of sleep now. It is so delusional thought for me now. I will sleep for 36 hours in a single spell after the shooting and editing. LOL.

Weekend was good. I almost finished what was on my cards except the finalization of the leading lady. It was a funny thing to chase people and trying to tress them on their mobile phones. The best thing was, Vicky bhai came up with a good tune for the background score and I fell in love with that almost immediately. Amit and he will go to the recording studio on this Thursday.  I gave them this responsibility to get the audio on a CD. I hope this goes fine.

I am a lot relaxed today than I was since last week. It rained in Pune whole weekend and in Mumbai, I got all soaked up while reaching office.

Amit got a call from Zee Cine Stars, a reality acting show from Zee network, and got an audition for some garment company for their poster boy. The result will be coming this evening. I hope the best for him.

Rest in peace!


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