I am super man!

I am getting clearance from all the departments and till tomorrow evening I’ll be out of this mess and out of a job too! That sounds so strange!

Amit called… My cast people in Pune went for a dress fitting at the shop where we can get them on rent. They must be looking funny!

On this Saturday the recordings will be held as some renovation is going on at the studio. So we need to wait. Vicky bhai is practicing his tunes very hard and I am sure the tunes fit in the background well.

My sound engineer met me yesterday and he looked too enthusiastic for the task. I think this is good and will definitely help a lot.

I had a good fight with Smita again on Orkut! I love it when we all old friends get time to fight with each other like 10 year olds. All grown ups now, all have their own profession and life. But it feels so cool to get in touch with them for nothing at all!

I am feeling confident and happy!

Have a good time ahead friends!


2 thoughts on “I am super man!

  1. Hey nice pic superman ! heheh . Is it getting cold there ? here we still have about 30C temperature . 😛
    So glad to hear things have been smooth there and you are feeling confident and happy !hope tomorrow will be more lucky and brilliant for you !!! :DD

  2. Children of Heaven sounds like a very touching movie that makes people cheer on the inside – my favorite kind.

    And I’m glad to read you’re on a high feeling of confidence and happiness. Well earned and deserved!

    Warm Hugs,
    Jackie a.k.a. Mom

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