Good Bye Friends!

Here is my last day at Datamatics. I’ll be relived after the exit interview which is going to take place this afternoon. So I think this is my last regular blog entry and I might not be able to blog that frequently or regularly but definitely my heart will long to do so. I’ll try and catch every opportunity to pass at least some word about my latest developments.

Here is the list of my planned activities for the exact time to come so whenever I’ll come back here, I can refer to the basic agenda of my life from here onwards.

1. On 27th of September, I am having a script workshop for 24×7 Making Movies.

2. On 28th-29th September, There will be a workshop on camera and its operations.

3. On 3rd of October, I am going to shoot the short film in just 24 hours time.

4. The premier will be held on 8th October at Fame Adlabs, Malad, Mumbai

5. On 9th of October the award function will be held.

As for the awards, I am just keeping my focus on completing the film. Winning award is not important for now as the bigger challenge is to finish it of in 24 hours.

I got some photos of Vicky bhai who is going to play the Inspector Dande. I think he looks as the same as I expected him to be. Though the dress still needs the stars and his name badge but posted here!

So before taking and biding adieu to all my friends, here is what I really want to say.

Friends, Live life! It is yours and do remember that dreams do come true.


One thought on “Good Bye Friends!

  1. Hey Dushyant !So glad to hear that everything is on the rails for you ! Confide in yourself and do your best !Im sure you can make it well !Looking forward to seeing your first movie !!must be awesome ! Will miss you lot !Thank you somuch for the words you left here for your friends ! Take good care ,May all the luck with you always !!

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