Time to fly!

Finally the sea is calmer and life again is looking for the perfect destination. The journey of dreams is just started. Yes! It started the day I got the camera in my hand. Only a day of October changed so many things. Here is my new identity.


Hi, I am Dushyant Kanungo, a film maker and a dreamer.


Want to be friends with me?


Nikhil is popping up and down since the day of shoot. He is here to enjoy the fruits coming now! A reporter from The Indian Express called him and asked about the film. Poor guy was mistaken as me and after saying a few things he confirmed with the journalist to whom she wanted to talk!

That was a funny scene. Today’s news paper has report and I am afraid it is filled with some gruesome mistakes as my surname is spelled Kanungi than Kanungo! I called the reporter and she said this was not her but editing desk’s fault.

Wait for the 30th is not that cool! I have to go back to Sanawad for the biggest festival of India, Diwali, and without a job and nothing in pocket, it would be awkward.

Ah… time! Please fly!


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