Something cooking again!

Everything is running smooth on the eyesight and a new story idea is materializing for the big film in my mind. It is a love story about first love.

A love story when the victims never know what is happening to them. Story of Akash and Tia. One a normal school uniform hater teenager who is supposed to finish his school days in just around a year and the other the cutest girl on planet who meets the world on the face value. With a good family life and lots of joy, for them there are no pains in this world, until one day when love strikes.

To get to know exactly what is happening to them they need some time but time is something that cannot be kept locked when the moments of love and pain took priorities over life and heartbeats.

Young hearts have their own world, own situations and problems to handle. If the life is all about learning and teaching love to each other, this is a story of a life time.


2 thoughts on “Something cooking again!

  1. Hey my dear friend Dusyant !!hope you are having a very happy relaxing weekend there with your friends and family !Thats a very sweet lovely love story !I hope you can make it out ! Take good care of yourself !!

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