Diwali is coming…!

Happy Diwali to all of you out there! This year Diwali will be celebrated from 19th October to 23rd of October!

On 21st October will be the ‘Laxmi poojan’. The Big Day!

Here I got this new website (Diwali Festival) on internet which I think gives a lot for this festival! Specially the recipies and Rangoli stuff. Hope you all will enjoy this little gift from me this festive season!


2 thoughts on “Diwali is coming…!

  1. Hey Dushyant !Happy Diwali to you and your family and your friends !Wish you all a most happy amazing Diwail ! I thought it started from 21th . hehe usually it start from 31/10 ,then India new year . this year it start a bit earlier , So glad that you will have two festivals together ,they must be important festival !Hope you will have a lot of fun !will you make a lot of light ?Thank you so much for sharing the new website for us .too bad I couldnt open it here ! But I did get the so sweet thoughtful gift from you !!! always take good care and stay safe !best wishes !

  2. Dushyant !Sorry the link of the (Diwali Festival)didnt work for me ,I have tried several times ,just couldnt open it !But I have found this page with Gujia!!http://www.santabanta.com/rasoi1.asp?catid=471
    heheh it sounds very yummy with so much stuffing in ! and it looks really like the Chinese dumpling !just one is sweet ,one is salt .
    Thanks for the pleasing to both the eye and the stomach yummy Gujia !! hehe cheers !!

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