Festival surprises!

Well friends! I am back from home and it was a fabulous festival that we celebrated. We all enjoyed including my family and friends. The biggest Indian Hindu festival of light called Diwali came to an end after 5 days of celebrations on 23rd and finally everyone opened their arms to the Islamic holy festival Eid. India is a secular country and people enjoy all the festival and happiness of cross religiousness. This is an age-old tradition for this nation.

Apart from all the festival activities, all my family members were busy making plans for my marriage. In India arrange marriages are a tradition, which cannot be denied by any youngster (given if he does not want to be marked as a rebel). So when I reached at my parents’ place, I was sure in the eye of the storm. They asked me about a couple of girls and I denied or some family matters never let the things took off from the basic initiative.

(PS: All the happenings that I am going to describe here is a tradition of arrange marriages which is practiced in India since ages.)

And then, they asked me about this girl, who is cousin of my childhood friend. I was uncomfortable as practically they are asking about the sister of my best friend. I knew her since last 10 years. She was almost 11 then. I used to visit her home with my friend just to keep him company and now here was the big deal.

I searched for my friend, Priyank. He was nowhere to be seen. I waited for 2 long days for him to arrive and mean while my family started questioning me about my answer as after that they wanted to match the horoscope (Yeah! Horoscope decides upon the happiness of the would-be couple.). I told them first match the horoscope and then ask me if that goes well! It was a tough task to convince my parents this time around.

Priyank arrived at Sanawad. When I told him that I think I am screwed, he said he knew this since last 1 month (Idiot never told me about what was cooking underneath.)!

And for the decision, he asked me to take a shot if he is not involved. I considered my points and finally asked my parents to go ahead and match the horoscope.

Her father came to my home and placed the proposal in the very standard traditional format in front of my parents. He gave her horoscope to my parents for further actions.

And it matched.

All the friends and families involved rejoiced. But I wanted to talk to her before pushing any matter further.  Priyank’s younger brother Ashwin put her on line and we had our first conversation in almost 3 years. She asked me about her ambition to do the MBA and I said that is fine but as we both are in state of shock, will you help in deciding what to do next? I mean we are supposed to get married! She asked for some time to think and I was hanging somewhere with n number of things in my mind.

On the eve of the day of my leaving from Sanawad to Pune, Priyank called me and said she will come to see me off on the Indore railway station, as she wants to meet me. So was I! On the day, I was late in the first place and there she was!


Nervous, shy, trying to be prepared, she was standing with Ashwin who took her to the station. As we knew each other it was not as awkward as it remains with other people who meet for the first time after all the family arrangements.

She had some questions and I had some answers, I had some clarifications and she had some thoughts. And I asked her the million-dollar question!

Will you marry me?

I am getting married to her soon. My parents are going to visit her home this weekend for some more traditional activities.

Priyanka Sharma is going to be my wife.


3 thoughts on “Festival surprises!

  1. Hey Dushyant!welcome you back !!!:)
    oh my god ,you are going to get married soon !So happy for you !congratulates !
    That was really a very quick arrangement of marriage ! In india now still the tradition of arrange marriages mostly ?

  2. I’m Yanyan friend and could bot help but read what you said on her page and I work with weddings in the USA and find all this interesting since we are so very different!! Can I ask you… are you happy to be marrying her now after you have taked!! Can you tell us more about what was in your horoscope that made your parents thing you are a match?? Do you think you will grow to love her?? When you get married will there be pictures of the wedding??
    What happens now that you met each other will you both talk more to get closer to each other before the wedding takes place?

  3. Dushyant, I hope you find love within your heart – I hope she finds love within her heart and it’s a heartstring joined for each other.

    I respect traditions, but I believe in following one’s true feelings. It makes giving of yourself to another a cherished gift, hopefully lasting a bond that is happily forever.

    Good Luck my dear friend and much blessings for your future.

    Warm Hugs,
    Jackie a.k.a. Mom

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