Arrange Marriage: My view

I’d like to thank you all for wishing the best for me. Before I say something else, I should clarify that arrange marriages are very much in practice and it is the best way to choose your life partner in India specially when we live in a very cross-cultured nation. India is not just a secular country but the people here speak as many as 25 different languages and more than 200 dialects. All the different cultures and religious beliefs are preserved with their different roots.

An arrange marriage comes with a lot of support from families and values. They work in ways one cannot imagine. I am happy that I am getting married in an arranged way. In my country where all the people are trying to make a nation full of happiness and joy, the woman empowerment is still in development.

There is nothing wrong with arrange marriages as the boy and girl get married only by their wishes. It is just the parents who with the best for their kids and their culture.

Indian weddings are really a BIG party. It starts from the horoscope match and ends with a 3-5 days long wedding function. Yes! I am happy to be getting married to her. And as for the horoscope, it is mainly a match of basic natural properties of the people who are supposed to get married. There are 36 qualities of a person is defined in the marital horoscope of a person. If more then 17 properties match, the couple is supposed to have a happy married life. In my case, mine and Priyanka’s horoscope matched on 24 points. I am sure we both will grow the love that is required for a soul mate.

What happens now that you met each other will you both talk more to get closer to each other before the wedding takes place?

Sure! This is the way and surprises are on for both of us. We have all the stories of our lives. The journey that we were living parallel will now be crossing each other’s path. We have so much to share, so much to ask and so much to cherish about. This is a thing in arrange marriage that we need to discover each other even after the marriage. Phone calls will help break the ice. Friends will start teasing. Parents will ask funny questions and the only reply that mostly come out will be a blush.

There will be a lot to do before the actual marriage. The wedding will be on photographs and video to enjoy all our lives and share with all the friends.

For Indians, a marriage is not just a commitment for a few years. It is a commitment for more than one lifetime (Seven, to be more specific.). This is the faith that you only marry to the one who is made for you. You can never go wrong.

I believe and will love her without asking any questions and leaving behind all mine and her past.


6 thoughts on “Arrange Marriage: My view

  1. This is the most amazing story about pre-chosen marriages I have ever heard. I’m just a American country gal and very simple in education. I guess I could go through the internet to research to learn different cultural backgrounds with their beliefs, but I like this way better. Being taught by a friend. 24 out of 27 matches, that is great odds for a perfect union of two souls. I wish you the greatest joy in your marriage to this young lady and to your future together as man and wife.

    I copied what you wrote – thanks for sharing.

    LOL …Now, please and thank you, I want to know what the 27 points are, if it’s not something private and against your custom to share with outsiders.

    P.S. I’m healthy now, went to the doctor for antibiotics and I’m back to my old self again. Good Luck finding a permanent paying job. AND for sure, best wishes on your movie’s success.

    Warm Hugs,

  2. Hey Dushyant !Thank you for making this blog ,made us get to know about this culture better ,also know your view better ! actually I was a bit worried when I heard the news from you on Friday .As I always feel that you are a very soulful affectionate person .the love must be a very important thing in your life !So you must want to marry the one you love also she loves you .Thats why I was a bit worried about you .
    But after I read this blog ,I know you are a well-advised person with an independent mind .you know what you want !
    Im very happy for you that you are going to have a new happy caring loving married life !Sending my bestest wishes and blessing to you two !

  3. It is nice to know you are looking forward to your marriage…I can hear the happiness in you writing!! I’m happy for you!! And so very happy you are sharing this great day in your life with us!!..Thank you!!
    I think that ALL marriages should be a commitment for a lifetime!! Many here in the US don’t take marriage serious enough! I see it a lot because I work with weddings..and it is sad!! I am happy you have such a good view on your upcoming marriage and do hope you share your wedding pictures with us all!!

    I do understand that you have many different cultures and religious beliefs but what happens if two people who are from different cultures and religious beliefs feel they have fallen in love and want to be is that view?? And happen if they decide to follow their heart??

    You said that……”we need to discover each other even after the marriage”
    What happens if two people feel after discovering each other that you don’t really like the person as much as they thought they would…before or after the marriage?? I only ask this because I know from dating… sometimes we think we like someone and after getting to know the person we find that the person is not someone we want to be with for the rest of our life.

    You also said that there is 36 qualities of a person is defined in the marital horoscope of a person..if you can could you tell us what they are??

    Thank you so much for taking the time in sharing more of your life and culture with us…I enjoy learing more about it!

  4. First of all i would like to congratulate u on the occassion of ur marriage.
    I completely agree with you on ur view abt Arrange Marriage.

  5. me aschrof 28 years i talk italiano and english and arabic and deutsche i like travel music and comedy series and i like fun and be only happy iwant marriage any woman be good the beauty is not in my requests

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