Who is the looser?

I lost it!

‘Before the storm’, my movie was nominated in top 5 but could not made it to top 3!

So…  it is the end of a 6 months long crazy adventure.

I need some time now before taking any other move.

I am not sad, not even broken.

I think next time I have to work harder than this time!

Here is the pic from the closing function party with Dev Benegal in center and my team.


2 thoughts on “Who is the looser?

  1. I don’t know about your movie..but so sorry it didn’t make top 3..and so happy your outlook is a good one!!

  2. Im really very sorry to hear that Dushyant !what were the reasons that it couldnt be top 3 ?
    Im glad that you are being strong with the result !though you lost it .I know the real important things you got ,right ?It was worthy to pay time energies make all your efforts for it .I am sending you warm hugs ! You will do better next time !

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