Probably I was going a bit too fast and high. The pause here is definitely a learning curve for me and now I have to resort my priorities and the way of life. I don’t know anyone else who have a sign wave life like me. Take this year as an example. I started 2006 as a bedridden guy with 5 broken bones on the 31st December-1st January night. It took a complete 50 days rest to launch me back to life. I returned to Pune in mid February.

When in April, I decided to return to meet my parents the call from Mumbai made me cut short my trip and took me to a very uncharted territory and one of childhood dream came true and I was in European summer. I quit my job in Pune and joined Datamatics in May. In the months of June and July, I was wandering in the streets of Stockholm and Paris.

September came with a jump and I resigned, as I got short listed with 24×7 and an unhappy job profile. October was full of life and I made my film, became a director, celebrated Diwali, met Priyanka and in the end finally lost the 24×7 competition.

November is here. I have to take a decision that must be fast and quick enough to save the credibility and honor not just for my self but for my dreams too. I took a break for 2 months and after one month I am lost here. One month back I decided not to involve my self anywhere and pursue my dream for 2 months and that ends at 25th November.

Now where do I stand? I have a couple of scripts for full-length feature films and a couple of scripts for short films. Nikhil will make one of the short films in the next 24×7 in February 2007. Another is in my hand and ready to be shot. What I can do is just close my ears from all the criticism and arrange for some finances and make my way to shoot it here in Pune. Meanwhile give final touches to the scripts that I have and register them with the Film Guild of India. And then try to sell them.

A tough task.

Or at any moment send a 2-page resume to any software company in Pune and get a job that will pay Rs. 25,000/- ($ 550 app.) per month in a booming IT India. That’s a good amount in India where the average salary of people is less then Rs. 2,000/- ($ 50 app.) per month.

The easier one.

A solution that I see here is to just join a job and save some bucks to return to 24×7 in February and do some part time filming on weekends!

I am a filmmaker after all!

What say guys?


2 thoughts on “Now!

  1. You had a full year of trying, having hope and never quitting toward reaching your destiny. “Ladders to climb high, so you may fly.”

    If film career success was hand delivered to you . . . you would not appreciate and benefit the rewards. Hard work and struggling to make it to the top pays a person back with self-respect and pride.

    Those who made compromises, exchanged bribed gifts lost their integrity and eventually shame is reflected back to them.

    Dushyant, if you have to work one, two or three jobs on the side to finance your dreams to come true ~ do it. This will be all the more inspiration for upcoming prodigies that will follow in your footsteps.

    Sending love and hope from Texas,
    *wink ~ Mom

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